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Find a WA State Legislature BillLinks to the Washington State legislature's tools for online finding and tracking of bills. 25/Jan/2018Kevin JonesFind a Washington State Bill
Quick Tips to Better Advocate for Yourself & Others Twenty tips for activists. 18/Nov/2017 Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston, MSS, LSWAdvocating Tips.PDF
Alt NewsAlt news: right & left. 18/Nov/2017 Bobbie Hurst (compiler/editor)Alt-News- Right and Left.PDF
Activism AdvocacyActivism advocacy resources. 18/Nov/2017Bobbie Hurst (compiler/editor)Activism-Advocacy.PDF
Resist Trump Agenda GuideA practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda. 19/Nov/2017 Indivisibleresist_trump.PDF
On Tyranny ReviewIn 20 short lessons, Timothy Snyder demonstrates how individuals can resist the Trump agenda and preserve our democracy. 02/Dec/2017Bart ArensonOn Tyranny.PDFnull
BoycottingBoycotting in the Trump era. 29/Nov/2017Bobbie Hurst (compiler/editor) Boycotting
Press FreedomPress freedom and other media issues. 01/Dec/2017Bobbie Hurst
Free Press
Legislative Staffers for Elected Officials (Washington State)Contact information for elected officials staff including phone numbers (last updated 5/25/17). 01/Dec/2017Indivisible VashonLegislative-Staffers-5-25-2017
What do I do next? Suggestions for action to work with local and national groups. 01/Dec/2017Bobbie Hurst

What Do I Do Next
Women's Marches of Jan 17, 2017Press Recaps of Women's Marches on Washington DC, Seattle & Olympia. 02/Feb/2018Indivisible Vashon Women's Marches 2017
Tracking TrumpLinks to websites that track Trump. 02/Dec/2017Bobbie Hurst
Tracking Trump
Trumps Contract with America Action plan for first 100 days in office 03/Dec/2017Trump Administration

Trumps Contract with America 
Obama, Sanders and other good websitesLinks to politicians and political groups websites 03/Dec/2017Bobbie Hurst
Obama,Bernie and other websites
Fake News, Fact Checking and Reliable Sources. Links to online sources that review news and opinion from progressive or non-partisan perspectives. 03/Dec/2017Bobbie Hurst
Fake News
Find a US House or Senate BillUse this handy guide to locate a US House or Senate bill!04/March/2019Kevin JonesFind a US House or Senate Bill
Legislative StaffersA list of legislative staffers for our elected officals04/March/2019Kevin JonesLegislative Staffers
How a Bill Becomes a LawAn easy to read explanation of the Washington State legislative process04/March/2019Kevin JonesHow a Bill Becomes a Law
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