We Are Indivisible Vashon!

Indivisible Vashon takes action to promote and defend our democracy by advocating for progressive candidates and legislation, and working for social and environmental justice. We model the values of inclusion, tolerance & fairness in all of our actions. 

Take Action!

In 2024 we will work to:

  • Elect leaders who share and will work for our progressive values

  • Support progressive legislation and causes

  • Challenge our current office holders when they fail to meet our expectations

  • Support and create community with immigrants and refugees locally and across the country

Our Key Strategies:

  • Every action we take is dedicated to the protection of our democracy by opposing authoritarianism and disinformation / misinformation in our society

  • We encourage and invite people to take action to advance progressive causes

  • We provide resources and support to progressive activists on Vashon and beyond

  • We network with other organizations that share our values to bring about progressive change

  • We engage with the current administration to amplify and accelerate progressive change

  • We renew our democracy by working to elect leaders who support our progressive agenda

Our Focus Areas


The Vashon2Voters postcarding team writes to Democrats and people who Lean Left, encouraging them to get out and vote for Dems who can make a positive difference to our Nation and Democracy! For information on in-person gatherings and at-home postcarding please contact Debby Jackson

Refugee Rights

Through networking and collaboration, Indivisible Vashon’s Immigrant/Refugee Rights Group engages its members and others to take action at individual, community, and legislative levels, in support of policy changes, human rights and inclusion of all

Legislative Action

Receive legislative action opportunities through email and Take Action Network (sign up with TAN HERE). State legislation issue groups create TAN actions addressing criminal justice reform, education, environment/climate, good government, gun safety, healthcare, housing, social justice, taxation and tech equity

Building a Progressive Majority

Leading the way to a progressive future through election of progressive candidates