We Are Indivisible Vashon!

Our Indivisible Principles

  • The current administration’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped
  • We encourage our Members of Congress to support progressive causes
  • We challenge our Members of Congress when they fail to support our expectations
  • We reach out and invite people to be active in their own constituencies
  • To be successful we model the values of inclusion, tolerance & fairness

Our Key Strategies: Resist and Replace

We RESIST the damaging effects of the current administration by fighting for our progressive causes.  We work to REPLACE members of Congress who support the administration.
Get involved in our one of our activism groups to make a difference! Contact group leaders by email for more information.

Write to Resist

We write our Members of Congress, the Administration, and our state representatives.  We write to voters. We write to businesses. We Write to Resist. Thursdays 3 to 5 at Gather.

Write to Resist on Facebook

Refugee Workgroup

Protecting immigrant and refugee families from the Trump administration.

Legislative Action

Holding elected officials accountable at rallies and Town Hall meetings.

Tuesdays, 11:45-1 PM, rally & meet with Senator Cantwell / Murray staffers.

Building a Progressive Majority

Leading the way to a progressive future through election of progressive candidates.