Take Action Now!


Thank US Representatives for sponsoring the Dream & Promise Act:
Script: The Dream and Promise Act provides permanent relief and opens doors of opportunity for Dreamers & Trusted Protection Status & Deferred Enforced Departure holders. Thank you for sponsoring HR 6, giving thousands in our community the dream that America represents!
Find out if your US Rep sponsored the bill HERE
Find your Representative HERE.  For Vashon, thank Pramila Jayapal:
Representative Pramila Jayapal
Call:  WDC – 202-225-3106, Seattle – 206-674-0040
Email:  HERE
Write:  319 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515

This Week’s Top 3 Actions:

Action #1 – Request your 2019 Washington State special election ballot for Conservation District Board:

The Conservation District Board of Supervisors assist and guide the Conservation District’s activities in Washington state and are responsible for local conservation projects in our communities.

Board Supervisors work to:

  • Create healthy soil and water
  • Provide healthy food
  • Conserve land, water, forests, wildlife, and natural resources

The King County Conservation District serves 34 cities and 2 million people – and they have a huge role in protecting our environment.

Learn about the candidates running for this important position. Make sure to request your ballot now, and vote before Friday, March 29!

Action #3 – Tell the EPA to maintain Mercury Air Toxics Standards:

Script: Re: EPA-HQ-OAR-2018-0794.  Mercury emissions from coal plants are neurotoxins, to which children and pregnant women are vulnerable.  Air Toxics have multiple negative health consequences, like heart attacks, aggravated asthma and other respiratory disease.  The Mercury Air Toxics Standards protect Americans.  I ask you to preserve these environmental protections.

Address:  EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460