Indivisible Vashon’s Get Out The Vote Fact Sheet

Together, We Can Make it Happen! Here’s how:

Voter Registration:  New voters or relocated voters – everyone should vote!  We go to events, groups, food banks, anywhere people gather, hang a few signs and ask people to register or update their registration.  We train you. You build our Democracy.

Postcards to Voters:  We ask voters to register, sign up to vote by mail and vote early.  We let people know their vote counts. We focus strategically, working with national organizations.  All over the country, connect with people and encourage them to participate.  

  • Write to Resist:  every Thursday, 3 – 5PM, at Gather (by the Vashon Tea Shop).  Just stop in. We provide everything you need.
  • Individual candidate campaigns may also include postcard writing.

Texting Voters From registering to vote, attending a town hall, or submitting their ballot, text voters from your laptop.    Send 1 text per mouse click. Hundreds per minute! Then wait for & respond to replies. Canned wording for responses is provided.  Easy and fun!

Phone banking:  One of the more effective “outreach at a distance” techniques, efficiently uses your laptop to call the numbers and provide the script.  Using your phone (linked to your laptop), say hi, why you’re calling, ask a few questions, record responses (on your laptop) and wish them well.  Talking with voters is one of the most effective ways to get them to the polls.

Door to Door Canvassing:  The ultimate – meet voters in their neighborhoods.  You can use paper maps, but the MiniVAN app adds to the fun.  Your phone finds your next address, tells you who lives there & provides the script.  Talk, record results, move on. Go with friends – you take one house, they the next. Sync your MiniVAN data with the cloud, and watch your door knock count pile up!

Fundraising:  Like to party?  So do we. Connect with friends while raising funds for progressive groups, like Stacy Abrams Fair Fight 2020 campaign.  Bake sales, auctions, what have you.  

Legislative Action:  While waiting for a new President, make a difference in our lives right here at home.  Important Washington state bills are just waiting for you to push them into law! Track bills, send calls to action or receive those calls and contact your legislators.  

We introduce you to the technology, provide training, and work with you to encourage others to participate in our Democracy.  A better world is possible, but we all need to ask for it!

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