For Your Consideration – Week 70

Happy 1st Birthday to the Special Counsel!

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Headlines of the Week

Headline of the week: Judge Rejects Manafort Dismissal Bid (source)

“Manafort was, at one time, not merely ‘associated with,’ but the chairman of, the Presidential campaign, and his work on behalf of the Russia-backed Ukrainian political party and connections to other Russian figures are matters of public record,” the judge added. “It was logical and appropriate for investigators tasked with the investigation of ‘any links’ between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign to direct their attention to him.”

Good.  Another voice in support of the Mueller investigation…


Runner-up #1: Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP (source)

“The Senate Intelligence Committee has determined the U.S. intelligence community was correct in assessing Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the aim of helping then-candidate Donald Trump, contradicting House Republicans”

Voice #2…

“’I’m not sure that the House was required to substantiate every conclusion with facts,’ Burr told reporters last week”

Facts?  Who needs facts?


Runner-up #2: GOP governors sign letter supporting Nobel Peace Prize for Trump (source)

The letter, organized by South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and sent Monday to the chair of the Nobel Committee, praises Trump for his “unprecedented victory for global peace and security” in negotiations with North Korea.”

Wow, global peace with North Korea – happened so fast it just snuck past me…

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Thank Senators Cantwell and Murray for supporting Net Neutrality restoration:

Script:  Thanks for your actions and support that allowed Net Neutrality restoration to pass in the Senate. 

Senator Patty Murray:

Call:  WDC – 202-224-2621, Seattle – 206-553-5545, Tacoma – 253-572-3636


Write:  Senator Murray, 154 Russell SOB, Washington, D.C. 20510


Senator Maria Cantwell:

Call:  WDC – 202-224-3441, Seattle – 206-220-6400, Tacoma – 253-572-2281


Write:  Senator Cantwell, 511 Hart SOB, Washington, DC 20510

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Building a Progressive Majority

Good news:  Democrats Flip a Pennsylvania Seat, Making 41 Since Trump’s Inauguration (source)

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Climate Change

Cast a vote against the Fracked Gas pipeline in Jordan Cove, Oregon (near Coos Bay):

               The Jordan Cove project creates a Liquid Natural Gas export terminal in Coos Bay.



Collect signatures for I-1631, the Carbon Fee initiative, on Vashon:

Show up and look for a signature gatherer who will provide petitions for you to help sign people up:

Thurs. May 17, 3:30-4 and 6-6:30, Carbon-Free Campaign: Celebration and Next Steps, Co-Housing, event 4-6 PM.  I will be there!

Sat. May 19, 9:00 AM, Unifying for Democracy, Vashon Presbyterian Church, event starts at 9:30 AM.  I plan to be there.

Sat. May 19, 10-2, Farmers Market.  I plan to collect from 10-11:45. It would be nice to have 1 other person in the morning (conflicts with Unifying for Democracy).  It would be good to have 1 or 2 others in the afternoon.

Sat. May 19, 10-2, Kite Day, Pt. Robinson.  I will NOT be available for this event.  Two collectors for at least part of it would be nice.

Sat. May 19, 6 PM, Power Up! O Space, event starts at 6:30.  I will NOT be at this event.

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Continue influencing JP Morgan Chase to abandon their Tar Sands investments:

Chase has agreed to meet with the First Nations impacted by the Trans Mountain pipeline.  Let’s keep encouraging Chase to do the right thing:

  1. Send A Message Chase’s Entire Leadership (60 secs)

  2. Call Chase Leadership (3 mins)

  3. Write a personal email to Chase’s Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Matthew Arnold, and PNW Chairperson, Phyllis Campbell. Personal emails are much more impactful than form letters! 

There are talking points here.


Find your Washington State elected officials “Environmental Score”:  HERE

Brought to you by the good people at Washington Conservation Voters


Olympic Forest Coalition asks you to call the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) to ask for an independent organization to test for Piscine Reovirus in Atlantic salmon hatcheries:

Cooke Aquaculture wants to use their own private consultant to do the testing.  We deserve better.

Call Acting WDFW Director Joe Stohr:  360-902-2200

Related petition:  HERE


Oppose EPA rollback of protections on clean water:

Big polluters are trying to create a loophole in the Clean Water Act that would free them of any responsibility for pollution that enters our surface water through groundwater.  Sounds like a frackers dream! 

Send letter: HERE

Related petition:  HERE

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Tell Greyhound, again, to cease warrantless searches on their busses:

Script:  You should not let Customs and Border Protection board your busses and detain immigrants without a search warrant.

Write:  David Leach, Greyhound Lines CEO, P.O. Box 660362, Dallas, TX 75266

Call:  214-849-8000

Related petition:  Sign HERE

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Preserving Democracy and Justice

Trump supports China phone company / China supports Trump golf property – Whaaat?:

               Sign HERE to call B. S.


Good news:  Citing King County pre-paid ballots, the state has decided to pay for ballot postage state wide!  Thanks for persuading King County to adopt this progressive policy.

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Women’s Rights

Good news:  At least seven women running for the Pennsylvania House won Democratic primaries in the state, which currently has an all-male congressional delegation.

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General Issues

Net Neutrality restoration wins the first round, two rounds to go:

The Senate voted to restore Net Neutrality, which provides equal access to the internet for all.  Next stop, the House, then the White House.

Add your name to these petitions to show support for Net Neutrality restoration: 


You should also know:

  • Washington state has implemented Net Neutrality protections
  • The House is not currently planning to support Net Neutrality restoration (source)

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Photo of the Week

What Glacier is that?

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