Script: Trump’s tariffs are disrupting trade agreements and penalizing farmers who depend on those agreements to make a living. I am outraged at the destruction that Trump’s tariffs have wreaked on farmers’ livelihood. We need to support U.S. farm families. Please continue to call for repeal of Trump tariffs and a return to productive and sound trade agreements. Thank you.
Senator Patty Murray:
Call:  WDC – 202-224-2621, Seattle – 206-553-5545
Email:  HERE
Write:  154 Russell SOB, Washington, D.C. 20510
Senator Maria Cantwell:
Call:  WDC – 202-224-3441, Seattle – 206-220-6400
Email:  HERE
Write:  511 Hart SOB, Washington, DC 20510
Representative Pramila Jayapal
Call:  WDC – 202-225-3106, Seattle – 206-674-0040
Email:  HERE
Write:  319 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515