Script: I want you to support Prepaid Postage for Ballots (HB 1209/SB 5063). This is especially important because of the precedent set in 2018. If voters were no longer provided prepaid postage it would cause confusion and lack of preparation. We know, we have residents who do not have a stamp readily available, especially at the last moment, and so could lose their opportunity to vote. Please carry on Washington’s great tradition and support Prepaid Postage for Ballots.

Check the links for these bills (HB 1209/SB 5063) to see if your legislator has sponsored.  Thank them if they have and ask them to if they haven’t.

For Vashon:

Thank Senator Nguyen for introducing this bill

Ask Representatives Fitzgibbon and Cody to sponsor the bill.

Representative Eileen Cody:  Olympia – 360-786-7978, Seattle – 206-389-2590

Email: HERE or direct to

Write: JLOB 303, PO Box 40600, Olympia, WA, 98504-0600


Representative Joe Fitzgibbon: Olympia – 360-786-7952, Seattle – 206-435-7034

Email:  HERE or direct to

Write:  JLOB 308, PO Box 40600, Olympia, WA, 98504-0600


Senator Joe Nguyen:  Olympia – 360-786-7667, Seattle – no number assigned yet

Email:  HERE or direct to  or

Write:  213 John A Cherberg Building, PO Box 40434, Olympia, WA 98504